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  • Blue Bond  v.1.1 BetaSoftwares that allow J2ME-enabled mobile devices to surf the web via a Bluetooth connection with a PC.
  • Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer  v. files of your OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), using a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore, delete and create files on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, and so on, using a fast and straightforward program!
  • Bluetooth Tanks Combat Game  v.1.0Two player P2P tank combat game which is played over a Bluetooth connection.Each phone will run an identical J2ME midlet with each player selecting their tank color at the start of the game. Play will be real-time (not turn-based).
  • BlueLink  v.1.00BlueLink is an easy-to-use program that allows you to send (and receive depending on your mobile terminal) SMS messages over a Bluetooth┬« connection between your PC and your mobile phone.
  • BT Guard  v.2.2Do you use Bluetooth on your mobile? Then BT Guard application is what you need: it secures your Bluetooth and turns it off automatically.From now on you will not forget the open Bluetooth connection and your mobile will be safe from BT attacks and ...
  • BT Guard for Series 60  v.2.0BT Guard is a security application that automatically switches your Bluetooth off. This saves your phone from BT attacks and unwanted Bluetooth connection requests. Version 2.0 released 25.02.2008: now respecting BT-Headset! Compatible with Other, ...
  • ImageExpo  v.4.1.5ImageExpo is the ideal presentation and demonstration tool for Symbian/S60 and Windows Mobile phones: ImageExpo enables displaying the phone screen on a PC or a video projector in real time via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth connection. It brings maximum ...
  • SoftDash PC_or_Mac Edition  v.1.0SoftDash PC allows realtime control of the Connect2Car MFC controller unit installed in a vehicle. Softdash PC can communicate with the MFC hardware either via a serial connection or a Bluetooth Connection. This project allows for open ended ...
  • SudokuTogether  v.1.0Yet another Sudoku game on mobile. It enable you to play online with friends. And also you can see your rank among all the players. It also provide a means to play with your friends via bluetooth connection.
  • JMote  v.1.0A library for the WiiMote written in Java, to create a bluetooth connection between any machine that runs Java. This way it is possible to get input from the controller and send action request like rumble or setting the leds.
  • NXTra  v.1.0OSGi services on a Linux platform for communicating with a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot over a bluetooth connection.
  • Spirit 92  v.1.0This is a framework based on MVC Model from mobile devices, it has support for: Database connection, persistence storage with RMS and File system usage, Bluetooth connection and transmission.
  • Flyer  v.1.0Flyer was built to extend Flash Lite features with Python for S60.Key Features:- Take photos with Flash Lite- Take screenshots from Flash Lite- Send files over a bluetooth connection - Get the contact entries ...
  • BlueSMSsender  v.0.2.1blueSMSsender is an application that allows you to send SMS from a phone connected through bluetooth connection,.
  • RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox  v.2.03RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox controls LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots with MATLAB via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME  v.1.10Use your cell phone to manage files of any OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection.
  • Bluetooth Solutions  v.1.0Vietcovo is Bluetooth Project(PC-Mobile Phone) with the latest technologies.
  • Mobile Witch Remote Control: Bluetooth Remote Control Software  v.3. 7. 2000Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control can be used to control your computer directly from your cellphone. The main purpose of the software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control. The application is perfect for business as well ...
  • Easy PC texting  v.2.1easy PC texting is a new word in computer text messaging. It gives you the ability to chat over SMS, take quick SMS notes (shopping lists, directions), search the Internet, and more. All is done via Bluetooth connection with your cell phone.
  • GAnyRemote  v.5.12gAnyRemote package is simple Gnome GUI frontend for anyRemote - bluetooth remote control for Your PC.
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